Grey Eagle, Cherokee Artist
Grey Eagle, Cgerokee Artist-Stone Carver
Grey Eagle, Cherokee Teacher at Track Rock
Grey Eagle is of GA Cherokee ancestry and tradition.  He was born in Tate, GA in 1937.  At the age of 3, Grey Eagle's grandmother taught him their family's traditional art of stone carving.  Now Grey Eagle's carvings have become known around the world.  His works are housed in private collections in the U.S., Australia, Germany, France, China, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Austria, England, Japan and Holland.  They have been represented at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Grey Eagle collects his own carving stone from traditional sacred areas.  He specializes in original works designed for protection and healing.  Whether it is a personalized commission carving, a healing tool, a museum quality artifact recreation or a medicine amulet, each hand carved stone goes through fire and water blessings and a sacred moon ceremony.
For 13 years in the 1960s and early 1970s, Grey Eagle's interests led him to work under the auspices of the University of Florida in the fields of archeology, anthropology and paleontology.  Among his many underwater historical finds, he made a significant breakthrough in history by finding a fluted Clovis spear point which dated man from 9,500 years to 15,000 years ago.  This spear point is currently housed in the Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta, GA.

In 1988, Grey Eagle was chosen by the State of GA to be the Official Native American Representative for the State of Georgia's Chieftains Trail.  To promote better understanding of the Native American heredity in GA, he was the guest speaker at the International Convention for Tourism held in Dallas, TX.  That year he was also an honored guest at the Southeastern Governors Conference at Jekyll Island, GA.

In 1989, Grey Eagle and his wife Golden Hawk taught a 5-weekend seminar at All Saints Episcopal Church in Atlanta, GA.  This seminar was titled "Native American Spirituality".  The classes covered the spiritual aspects of the Indigenous people, the medicine ways of the people with their modern day application, the use of minerals and herbs and human responsibility to the survival of the Earth Mother.

Grey Eagle is making his biggest contribution to the world by keeping a heritage alive.  All of his carvings have been donated to GEM Foundation, Inc. for the purpose of education and healing.  Through his carvings and teachings, Grey Eagle has brought into focus the importance of understanding the Indigenous ways through appreciation of what is given to us all.  The treasures of Mother Earth and Father Sky are our greatest gifts given by the Great Spirit.  They are not ours to own, but are ours to nurture and love during our visits to a most precious planet.  The American Indian, the Mother Earth, the Father Sky and all living things have always been as one, walking and working together.
Grey Eagle, Cherokee Atrist-Stone Carver
Grey Eagle, Cherokee Environmentalist
Grey Eagle, Cherokee Artist-Stone Carver
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Grey Eagle Age 3
Grey Eagle Age 3