Earth Circle 1996
In the beginning of the first woodland people, 15,000-20,000 years ago, there was the Mother Earth, the Father Sky and Indigenous people on every continent on the Mother Earth.  And so be it that someone saw all these stones one day and said, “We must be blessed!  And we must bless our Mother Earth and our Father Sky.  I know that Father Sky will see!”  So all across the world, before many floods and many rip tides of the oceans, many Indigenous tribes of people made Earth Circles from stones.

An Earth Circle looks much like what some call a Medicine Wheel, but it serves a greater purpose.  The intent of the Earth Circle is to show the Mother Earth honor and love.  She will hear you and see that you are good.  Earth Circles also speak to the Father Sky, sending a beautiful message to our sky families that we are working for our Mother Earth’s well being, a message that says we are living WITH our Mother Earth, not ON our Mother Earth.  Earth Circles are an ancient tradition, one that is carried on today.

Do you have stones that are not being used?  They can be any size, even as small as a grain of sand.  Do you have the ability to move and arrange these stones into a formation?  If so, you are blessed and ready to begin.  Pick these stones up and build an Earth Circle!  If you don’t have stones on hand, they may be purchased if necessary.  Below is an example of an Earth Circle that we, and some of our students built in 1996.  It is made from “ordinary rocks” (if there is such a thing), that all appreciated and loved participating in carrying on the Earth Circle tradition.

This very large Earth Circle was built from stones that we found on Lake Blue Ridge near Blue Ridge, GA, USA.  The circle represents the connection between the Mother Earth and the Father Sky.  The cross within the circle honors the 4 directions, East, West, North and South. (If you have to use a compass to align this, do so).  The entire structure is built in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE motion.  The Earth Circle that you build may be any size and anywhere, as long as it can be viewed from the sky.  You may also use it for your own healing, just as you would a Medicine Wheel.  As you build, you will become acutely aware that stones can speak and that everything has a spirit…even a grain of sand.  These spirits will talk to you throughout the formation arrangement.  When you have completed your Earth Circle, offer it in prayer and with blessings to the Mother Earth and the Father Sky, with the intent of living WITH.

It is time that we all lived WITH the Earth, instead of living ON the Earth!  By building Earth Circles, you will let the Mother Earth and the Father Sky know that WITH and not ON is the intention from your heart.  For this you will be truly blessed.  As we all “Come Alive in 2005”, let your precious planet know that you choose to live WITH her body, spirit and soul, in perfect harmony, in every way.

Grey Eagle and Golden Hawk 2005
The Earth Circle Ceremony is ancient. It dates back to a time before the Cherokee to when the Eastern Woodland Indians. As the people assimilated and became one, this is one of the ceremonies that was carried forward.

I miss the days when my Dad would lead this ceremony. We would usally do one around Cherokee New Year, but also at different times during out the year. I have never seen anyone, of any religion, that has not come out of the circle with a strong spiritual experience of communion with our Creator and a renewed harmony with our Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I'm honored to carry this ceremony forward. We still have Earth Circle ceremonies and it would be nice to see my father's dream of Earth Circle ceremonies around the world. Maybe one day. 

The first Earth Circle ceremony that I led was at Red Clay, TN. I was very honored to have Vision Bear, Mayan/Aztec traditional healer and a special teacher, also leading the ceremony. As well as Cherokee from across the nation. It was a good day.

I do hope this ceremony can continue for many many generations to come.

Stalking Eagle 2012