"Etowah Spirit" Stone carving by Grey Eagle, Cherokee Artist
SACRED PIPE STONE is a very rare stone, a conglomerate that has scientists, geologists, archeologists and rock collectors puzzled.  It has been compared with many stones including steatite, soapstone and slate, but it does not fit into any of these categories.  Most authorities do agree that SACRED PIPE STONE was formed under intense heat and pressure, something that could be compared to the heat and pressure produced when a shuttle lifts into space.
SACRED PIPE STONE has been of great importance to the Indigenous people of the southeastern United States, especially the Cherokees, for thousands of years.  Numerous highly prized and ceremonial artifacts made from this stone have been found, including the original version of Sequoyah's alphabet that was carved into a slab of SACRED PIPE STONE.
Grey Eagle's One-of-a-kind Amulets and Healing Tools are made from different colors of SACRED PIPE STONE, all of which is hand collected from sacred areas by the artist.  Grey Eagle named the rarest form of this stone, Beyond Rainbow, for its color and intense energy.  Beyond Rainbow is considered to be a very special gift to the artist from the spirit world, for less than 250 lbs. was found to be in existence.  This stone can contain fustians of precious metals and gemstones such as gold, silver, platinum, ruby, sapphire and emerald, to name a few.  The energy of this stone vibrates with excitement.  Though it is popular for its rarity and beauty, some people cannot wear it for extended periods of time without experiencing nervousness and fatigue.
Ebony is the balancing form of SACRED PIPE STONE.  It can be found as jet black, black with touches of green and brown, or dark with sparkles hidden deep within that reminds us of the stars.  It brings a connection with the Mother Earth, yet often speaks of our Father Sky.  Ebony is a favorite stone of spiritual healers, who must maintain their connection with the elements while generating energy for others.
SACRED PIPE STONE is like no other stone formed on this planet.  It is not found in veins, as are most stones, but rather in small masses the size of a human fist.  Though they do exist, large pieces of this stone are very rare.  It was formed by intense fire, with the records of its origin being found only in petroglyphs on stone.  SACRED PIPE STONE is a story within itself and speaks to those who are sensitive to what it is saying.  This legend is recorded on stones at Track Rock, near Blairsville, GA.
When the visitors came down in their flying machines for trade with the Indigenous people, they brought knowledge.  In exchange for that knowledge, the Indigenous people gave components to the travelers, such as precious metals and gemstones, which would be combined with other substances to create fuel for the flying ships.  When the travelers departed, there were traces of their fuel left behind that solidified.  These solid masses of expended fuel came to be known as SACRED PIPE STONE.
If a piece of SACRED PIPE STONE has spoken to you by choosing you to be its guardian, treat it with honor.  To cleanse it, rinse in cool pure water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.  If you are using the stone for healing, rinse, dry and dispose of the drying cloth to eliminate any negative energy.  Never use soap or abrasive cleaners, as these may cause damage to the finish of the stone.
SACRED PIPE STONE is a medium-soft stone that can be scratched by harder stones or metal jewelry.  Do not wear amulets with other jewelry, and do not lay your SACRED PIPE STONE on other stones that could scratch its surface.  Do not allow your stone to hit against hard surfaces or be dropped on any surface which could cause breakage.  Do not wear your SACRED PIPE STONE in the shower.  Keep it in its personal protective leather bag when not in use.
Show your SACRED PIPE STONE respect and love.  Use the power that it emits with a focus on the healing and positive energy that it will bring to you.  Caring for a piece of SACRED PIPE STONE is a way to carry forth a personal healing message.   It is a way to honor your Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Ancient Knowledge of the Four Directions from whence the stone came to share its message with our world.
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