Stone Carving 2015 : Special Message from Stalking Eagle

Stone Carving 2015

by Stalking Eagle on 02/09/15

Osiyo! Hello, thank you for stopping by. If you have been watching the site, you might have noticed that not a lot has been happening for some time. There is a reason for that, and I wanted to reach out and share with you.

Grey Eagle was my adopted father. That doesn't do him enough justice, as far as we were concerned, he was my father. I was closest to him as I have ever been anyone and I spent decades learning from him. His passing was very hard on me, but I seemed to manage. When his wife, Marci, also walked west into Spirit a year ago, it was just too much. I could not sit down and touch stone for a long time.

I met Grey Eagle as a teenager, and through ceremonies I met many wonderful people and have watched them all walk on. Grey Eagle, Marci, John Little Bear Eaton, Jack Siglar, everyone taking a little part of them with me.

When Dad taught me stone carving, he taught far more than how to carve a stone. It is always done in the right way and if you aren't feeling the right way, I was always taught to leave it alone. Every hand carved stroke of the knife must be done with the right intent, in the right spirit.

It has been a year now and I guess this would amount to a kind of sabbatical. I am getting ready to carve again. I have a lot of designs coming to me, and hopefully through my hands they will flow, shaping stone like water with only hand tools.

Dad always wanted me to do "my own designs" and every time he said that, I would be clueless as to what I would do. I would often do variations of his. Time has passed, I have healed, I have missed the stone. It is time, and I will be carving some of "my own" this time, and also stone carving the traditional designs that he passed me, in the traditional way, with the same ceremonies that his family used for five generations and now to my hands.

I will also begin taking commission work again. If you have a specific kind of Sacred Pipestone Carving that you would like, please contact me.

with much kindness,

Stalking Eagle

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