Collection of Staurolite Crystals (Fairy Crosses)
This is a small  collection of Staurolites that shows some of the different shapes.  No two are ever exactly alike.
Large Staurolite specimen stone
Large Staurolite specimen stone
2 exceptional Staurolite Crystals found in Cherokee County NC.
(Top actual size 2.5"X2.5")
(Bottom actual size 3.5"X2.5")
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Grey Eagle collected Staurolites from the time he was a very young child.  Hunting for these special stones was our passion for many years, and sending these stones out into the world to do their healing work has also been our passion.  Through the help of the many people who have passed through our lives, we have Staurolites that we have collected here "planted" in every ocean and every country in the world.  Every person that passes through our home receives a Staurolite as a special gift from us and the Mother Earth.  We are grateful to have been able to carry on this work since 1981.

Now, with the passing of time and "progress" all around us, the Staurolite is nearing extinction.  It isn't that the stones are not there anymore; it is that  the stones are now buried under new homes, concrete and asphalt.

The images on this page are a few of the most prized Staurolites that we have been fortunate enough to find over the years.  THESE STONES ARE NOT FOR SALE.  We are offering some of our vast collection for sale in Staurolites Gallery 2; so that you too can experience the awesome healing power and protection of the Staurolite Crystal.
The Staurolite is a mystical stone.  There have been many legends written about the "Fairy Crosses" throughout the years.  You may read our story that includes a Native American legend by going to Staurolite Story on this web site.  We wrote this in 1986 and revised it in 2003.  It has been sent around the world many times by those who believe in the Staurolite Crystals.  It has been translated into other languages, copied and shared with other countries.  We are thankful that we could take part in making a difference in the lives of so many.
Grey Eagle's Staurolite
Grey Eagle's personal Staurolite that he carried with him at all times.
(Actual size 1"x1")
Fused Strurolites
Fused Staurolites
2 examples of extremely rare fused together Staurolites.
(Actual size 1/2"X3/4")
Staurolites-"Fairy Crosses" For Sale