"Spirit Journey Amulets" are Sacred Pipe Stone wearable art, hand carved by Stalking Eagle. They honor the past, the present and the future.  There are tools shown here that were used by the Indigenous people of North America for survival and ceremony in the past.  There are tools that are used in modern times for protection, abundance and healing.  There are tools that speak to our relatives that reside in the sky. These amulets honor the warriors, those who toiled in the fields, the Medicine People now gone and the Healers of today and tomorrow.  They offer you an opportunity to experience the abundance of power that the stones hold, as you take your personal spiritual journey.

Most who own, wear and use Stalking Eagle's Sacred Pipe Stone amulets speak of the energy that these amulets possess. (Please see Testimonials.)  Each stone is different and the only true way to experience the stone's power is to feel it in your hand.  These stones choose their guardians.  You will know, without a doubt, when Sacred Pipe Stone speaks to you.

All Stalking Eagle Sacred Pipe Stone carvings go through fire and water blessings and a new or full moon ceremony.  The one-of-a-kind works of art shown here are truly artifacts of the future.  Each amulet comes with its own hand made protective buckskin leather bag.  The beads are strung honoring the numbers 3 (Trinity), 4 (4Directions) and 7 (7 Clans of the Cherokee Nation). 

Spirit Journey Amulets impart hope for a time of tranquility and joy, a time of healing and love, a time of peace for all things on our precious Mother Earth.

Stalking Eagle is the adopted son and first apprentice of Grey Eagle. Like his father, he hand carves each piece with tremendous love and focus. It is not unusual for a carving to take 8-12 hours of time, with some specialty pieces with detailed carving (done with a pocketknife) requiring 40-50 hours of work.

All amulets come with a personal leather bag
The Buffalo Nickel shown with each amulet is for display only to give you a sense of the size of the stone