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Featured in this Healing Tools Gallery is a set of stones that are very similar to the ones that Grey Eagle's Grandmother used for healing.  Known as the Medicine Woman of north GA, people would travel many miles for Neeley Head's healing treatments.  Having grown up in this environment, Grey Eagle gained an abundance of knowledge about using herbs and stones for healing.

When Grey Eagle was a child he played with a set of stones that belonged to his Grandmother with instructions to remember the shapes and sizes.  It has taken him many years to recreate his Grandmother's healing stones like the ones shown here.  This set will remain in a private collection.

Every carved set is different and unique. It takes time to select the right blend of stones and to hand carve each one. These are usually carved for a specific commission request.  Please contact us if you are interested.

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.Set of 10 Stones
Set of 7 Stones