These Healing Tools have been used extensively by healers from many walks of life.  Physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and spiritual healers find the tools beneficial for their hands-on work.  Healers who work with the etheric body use the tools to add power to their hands for clearing energy fields.  There are many uses for these tools and those who own them develop their own methods.  The power of the stone and power of the healer combine to create a spiritual and physical bond that can be felt by all who experience the benefits of Sacred Pipe Stone Healing Tools.
Cherokee Healing Stone Tools
Marci Dowdy Collection
Cherokee Chakra Healing Stone Tools
Cherokee Healing Stone Tools
Chakra Stones Set
Neil Wheatley Collection
Celts (pronounced Selts) have been used by the Indigenous people for hundreds of years.  Those made of less precious stones like river rocks were used as tools for fleshing animals or as hide scrapers.  The more important stone, Sacred Pipe Stone, was shaped into objects and tools for healing the people.
The celt can be used on the chakras for energy balancing.  The edges of the celt can be used in a scraping manner to break down calcium deposits on bones, thus relieving arthritis pain.  Massaging the temples with a celt can relieve headache pain.  Celts may be used for full body massage, deep tissue massage or sports massage.  They are very versatile tools in the realm of healing.
The celts in the images below are carved from Ebony Sacred Pipe Stone, the balancing, calming form of the stone and Rainbow and Sacred Pipe Stone, the higher energy form of the stone.
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An arrangement of Healing Tools 
All Healing Tools come with a custom made, personal, protective leather bag.

Hand carved from Beyond Rainbow Sacred Pipestone, over 6" long.

$350 adoption fee


Ebony Sacred Pipestone Celt
3 1/2" long hand carved
Ebony is the most grounding of the Sacred Pipestone family.

$200 adoption fee

3 3/8" long hand carved celt
Ebony Sacred Pipestone
Osprey's fan tail is great for energy work and a special pyramid point on the other end. 

$200 adoption fee
4 1/2" long Ebony Sacred Pipestone
Made for precision energy work or light pressure points. 

$175  adoption fee