Native American Charm Stone
Native American Charm Stone
Native American Charm Stone

Plummet or Charm Stones have been found in all parts of North America, from Florida to Maine, Washington State to Southern California and all areas in between.  Many shapes and forms of these stones are found in private artifact collections and cultural museums.

While the California area seems to have the most abundance of Charm Stones found to date, the Charm Stones found in the Eastern US are very similar to those that have been found in the West.  The types of stone used to produce these Charm Stones vary in hardness from a 4 to a 6.5.  Two examples of these stones are Sacred Pipe Stone (4) and Hematite (6.5).  Most all of the Charm Stones that have been found in the Southeastern US were made of Sacred Pipe Stone or exceptional grades of Steatite.
Indigenous carvers who produced the Plummet or Charm Stones took great care.  In almost all cases these stones will have a knob or deep groove at the top and some will have a hand-drilled hole through them.  Some Charm Stones will have unique symbols or effigies of sacred meanings carved on them, while others will have circles or lines that go around the circumference of the stone.  Most all Charm Stones are round and oblong in shape and measure 1 to 5 inches in length.

Charm Stones are magical.  Recreating some of the ancient designs and creating some new designs is my way of passing on this magic to the special people who wish to wear them.  I have personally had very special experiences as both a child and an adult with Charm Stones.  They represent many sacred things.  Charm Stones honor the Mother Earth, the Father Sky and all that is in between.  They bring magic to the people.
Wearing A Charm Stone surrounds you with an ancient magical power, a sacred serene experience that our ancestors began thousands of years ago and passed down through generations.  This is a very special time.  There is a very special need for healing our Mother Earth, our Father Sky, our people, ourselves, our animal world, our water, our trees and the air we breathe.

It is with deep commitment and respect that I share this information and the images of my Charm Stone creations with you.
Grey Eagle 2004
Grey Eagle worked on this Charm Stone series for many months.  Creating these was both exciting and rewarding for him, and for me has led to many new discoveries.  As with any series, I receive a very special carving.  My Charm Stone speaks to me constantly and I am never without it near me.  I can say that of all the carvings that Grey Eagle has done for me throughout the years, this Charm Stone is the most magical and powerful work that I have been gifted.

With this series of carvings, Grey Eagle has photographed both the actual Charm Stones and the auras and energy that they emit.  We invite you to visit our Charm Stone Galleries.  There you will see images of the actual Charm Stones and enlarged images of the same Charm Stone's aura and the orbs of light that surround it.
References:  Indian Artifacts of the Southeast; Sun Circles and Human Hands; Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America
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