"Endangered Worlds"
"Ceremonial Artifacts"
"Cherokee Seal"
"Eagle Flight"
"Crystal and Flint"
Decorate your life withTHE SPIRIT WAY, the first in a series of powerful and beautiful prints suitable for framing.  

Dating back to 1981, a record of Grey Eagle's best carvings has been kept with photographs.  We have now taken some of these images and computer enhanced them to bring you breath taking 8X10 prints which are individually signed and dated (not shown) 
by the artist.  All of the original works that are shown here are in private collections.

A photograph is a captured moment in time that will never occur again in that exact manner.  THE SPIRIT WAY also offers some of those very special moments that we have experienced with the Mother Earth and all her glory.  You will find some of our nature photography available here also.

Grey Eagle is our photographer, but occasionally I get a "lucky shot".  I also do all the computer work for this magical project.  We have our prints professionally done by an outside source that uses the latest high tech equipment and paper for their work.  The 8X10 prints are true works of art from all perspectives.

We are excited that we can now share with you the power of Sacred Pipe Stone through affordable images.  The prints are "almost like being there".

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This image is an early carving by Grey Eagle of the original Seal of the Cherokee Nation.  The names of the 7 Clans are carved in the Cherokee language.  The flame in the center is a rhodocrocite crystal and represents the Eternal Flame of the Cherokee Torch.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39
From the 1981 set of 7carvings entitled "Endangered Species", this image shows the prophet in the artist.  Grey Eagle has depicted a shrinking United States and he holds the future of his people at great risk.

The symbol behind the USA is a Cherokee Pyramid.  This is a favorite symbol of Grey Eagle's and he uses it in many of his works.

Scanned from a 1981 35mm photo, this image is not as crisp as a digital image, but it is still a very powerful print.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39
This arrangement of Grey Eagle's "Artifacts of the Future" features some of the highest of the ceremonial objects of the Woodland American Indigenous era.  Shown here are 3 Monolithic Axes, a Double Grooved Ax and an amulet depicting 4 birds going counterclockwise.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39
Originally the centerpiece for a magnificent wall hanging entitled "Buffalo In Snow", this is a 1980s era carving by Grey Eagle.
Again you will see the Cherokee Pyramid, a favorite symbol of the artist.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39
This original, extraordinary pipe carved by Grey Eagle was entitled "The Indian and the Eagle".  Shown here is the bowl of the pipe and the carved stand upon which it rests.

 This print is scanned from a 1980s 35mm photograph and is computer enhanced.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39
This chipped or knapped work by Grey Eagle features quartz crystal, amethyst and North GA diamond.  The effigy in the center is flint.

8X10 Print signed and dated $39

Note:  We do not keep prints in stock.  They are ordered from our developer as they are sold.  We then sign and date them and send them on to you.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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